Cloud market growing fast worldwide

As the world grows more interconnected, certain technologies are coming more and more to the fore – and the cloud is one of them. Around the world , it is becoming increasingly central to the practices of companies in all sectors, with an array of offerings from data storage to time tracking software. In countries that have yet to fully capitalize on the potential of the technology, it’s becoming one of the biggest imperatives for businesses to quickly embrace a larger deployment.

Taking to the skies
In Australia, for instance, the market is growing fast, according to Frost and Sullivan. Research the company conducted has found that many different segments of the cloud are rapidly gaining more users, including the Infrastructure as a Service Market. That segment alone, the company predicts, will reach almost 380 million by 2017. Phil Harpur, a senior research manager for Frost and Sullivan in Australia and New Zealand, said that it will be moving at a compound annual growth rate that could be in excess of 40 percent.

As the cloud becomes the predominant way of doing business, companies are completely revolutionizing their models, the study notes. The new technology offers not only greater flexibility in pricing and operating, but also a more adaptable model for companies looking to make changes on the fly. The trend is rising worldwide, according to Tech Republic. Companies are looking to work with suppliers in real time to manage risk, and the cloud not only allows for this, but at times demands it. Traditional models, according to the source, were not able to do so in as effective a manner – in large part, they were meant to deal with problems within the enterprise itself, and not outside. Now, with the cloud, it’s easy to move outside in order to solve potential issues.

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