Cloud looks to new markets and new sectors

Here in America, the cloud has become a vital part of everyday life, in areas ranging from time tracking to project management software. Adoption rates are continuing to pick up, and will see much growth in 2014 – not just on these shores, but around the world as well.

Foreign markets show promise
In China, for instance, there is much anticipation about the growing competition for the huge market. There are already a great deal of businesses in China who work with – or offer – cloud services, but it does not yet rival the American markets in terms of capitalization. That will be changing soon enough – more and more companies are moving to the country to work with local firms, according to GigaOM.

It takes a great deal of work with local authorities and providers, but in most cases, this is worth it not only for the firms moving there but for the businesses who are adapting the services. The productivity spikes it offers are invaluable, and cannot be missed by these companies.

Insurance takes up the mantle
It’s not just different countries that will increase their cloud presence in the next year, as more and more firms in less conventional areas will be there as well. In insurance, for instance, many companies are just now seeing the light in cloud services, but others have been there for a long time, according to Insurance & Technology. Jim Klinck, chief security officer and business program delivery manager for ProSight Specialty Insurance, says that there are countless ways an insurance company can improve with the cloud.

“It enables the CIO and IT leadership to repurpose spending into more valuable work and changing the cost dynamic,” he says. “There’s plenty of things that are more aligned with the business than maintenance — things like big data and analytics — that you can work on now.”

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