Cloud has potential to create massive savings for federal government

The government has been able to benefit from cloud offerings such as time tracking software and cloud-based ERP in much the same way that private industry has, utilizing it for productivity gains and greater flexibility. A new study shows the vast amount that cloud services have already enabled government agencies to save – and how much that might even increase going forward.

Better savings for government
MeriTalk is a group created through a partnership between public and private agencies and operations, and its focus is to improve government IT throughout the nation. The group recently conducted a study on the potential savings with continued adoption of cloud services by government agencies, and the results were a staggering amount.

The use of Platform-as-a-Service, for instance, could cut more than $20 billion each year – that amounts to almost a quarter of the IT budget for the entire federal government. It’s a change that these operations would be wise to make, according to Gunnar Hellekson, chief strategist for Red Hat’s U.S. Public Sector.

“Using PaaS can save time, and time is money,” said Hellekson. “In an era of Federal budget cuts and continued belt tightening, this new way of software development and deployment represents a significant opportunity for agencies to be more agile and much more fiscally responsible.”

Improvements in many areas
Almost 95 percent of the federal workers surveyed thought that their agencies stood to benefit from the change, with costs dropping quickly and security improving. The latter is especially important to for government entities, which have in the past expressed skepticism about the cloud due to security concerns. It’s understandable – many agencies are in control of highly sensitive personal and financial data – but in fact, as so many have come to realize, security in the cloud can be a benefit, rather than a drawback.

More than 77 percent of respondents said PaaS use would help the agency’s ability to meet mission objectives, while sixty nine percent said it could boost their mobile computing abilities.

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