Cloud enables wider access for schools

The cloud has done great work in helping businesses of all stripes to improve their operations, and the tools that are offered through the latest technology can apply to almost any area. From client billing software to time tracking efforts, there is something for everyone within the massive set of offerings people group under the banner. Now, as the technology becomes cheaper and cheaper, many public entities are doing their best to take advantage of new deployments, helping to spread opportunity and save money in the process.

A cloud gathers over the school
Many students young or old may hate the sight of a cloud at school – when rain is on the way, it brings the threat of canceled recess or a sports practice held inside. But when it comes to the technological version, the cloud is only making things better for many young people.

In White Plains, N.Y., for instance, Archbishop Stepinac High School has taken its operations to the cloud for the greater flexibility and agility it provides not only teacher and staff, but students as well. While the lack of physical infrastructure and the greater space savings it provides is a consideration for many businesses, the lightweight nature of the cloud is never as literally felt as by a student, as sophomore Brandon Cabaleiro noted of his much lightened backpack now that all textbooks are available online.

“The last couple of years, this would have been like 30 pounds,” Cabaleiro told the source.

An easier commute
Of course, it wasn’t only to take the load off of a student’s back – many teachers are undoubtedly content to burden the students with whatever materials necessary to improve their learning experience. Instead, it’s

“We went to digital because it makes for better learning,” says Frank Portanova, vice principal at Stepinac. “This is the way kids learn today. And the online content is a lot richer. You’ve got assessments, you’ve got virtual labs, you’ve got blogging.”

The cloud allows schools better and more widespread access, as education expert Matthew Lynch notes, but it’s not as if the opportunities are restricted to schools. No matter your operation, you should take the opportunity in the coming year to look into an expanded cloud presence. With award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir, BMI Cloud Solutions can be just the partner to help you look into all of your options.