Cloud could soon help in cancer research

The cloud has already helped a variety of industries with tools like cloud-based MRP, but what’s similarly important to understand is its growing set of abilities. Many areas that previously seemed inapplicable to the cloud, such as cancer research, are now being taken over by improved technology.

In fact, the area sits on the precipice of large steps forward into cloud computing, according to Next Gov. The National Cancer Institute is close to making its huge archives of genomic concern information available to qualified researchers worldwide through a series of clouds. The company is only in the planning phase, but the hope is that the step could accelerate cancer research by allowing previous inconceivable access to old results.

Of course, cancer research is a hugely important field, but it’s far from the only area the cloud has revolutionized. If your company wants to explore the cloud – whatever are you operate in – consider utilizing BMI Cloud Solutions. With award-winning tools such as NetSuite and years of experience in the area, we are ready to help you optimize your setup in order to confront whatever set of challenges you most need to conquer.