Cloud computing saves firms time, money

There are many benefits to cloud computing, including the technology’s cost-efficiency. Businesses of all sizes looking for solutions to lower their operating costs can do so with hosted environments because they do not require upfront investment. In an interview with Cloud Computing Journal, Rob LaMear IV, CEO and founder of, explained the cost savings and competitive advantages of the cloud.

“Time is money. Focusing your team on strategic initiatives gives you a competitive advantage,” LaMear told the news source. “You get to market faster and can deliver something truly special before your competitors. First one to market typically owns 70-80 percent of the market share.”

Many industry professionals believe that cloud computing is the perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). However, some hurdles remain that may impact the widespread adoption of the cloud among these firms. LaMear told Cloud Computing Journal that he expects SMBs to “easily glide in and out of clouds” without dealing with migration issues or needing ample assistance.

SMBs often implement new technologies after larger companies, but industry research has shown that SMBs believe the cloud is important for the future of their firms.

Global cloud SMB market to approach $100 billion by 2015
A recent report by a cloud-hosting service provider found that SMBs worldwide are adopting the cloud at a healthy rate. In 2012, the global SMB market reached $45 billion and, by 2015, will expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30 percent to total $95 billion.

The United States, which is often a leader in many technological markets, accounted for nearly $19 billion in 2012. Through 2015, the U.S. sector will experience a CAGR of 19 percent.

Perhaps even more SMBs will implement cloud computing solutions, especially to operate effectively during the current economic crisis. The survey found that nearly 70 percent of these companies want to purchase cloud solutions that are part of bundled services to pay at a discounted rate.

Cloud computing has quickly become a major building block for organizations of all sizes. In addition to being a cost-effective technology, businesses with hosted environments can also take advantage of the solution’s process automation capabilities, allowing employees to collaborate like never before. Now, workers can access corporate documents from anywhere with an internet connection.