Cloud computing quietly revolutionizing all areas, source says

Many are still wary of the cloud and all it implies, and of those, many are average, everyday citizens. The cloud, with its nebulous implications, often is misunderstood, and many don’t fully comprehend the changes it has brought in nearly all areas from cloud-based MRP to professional services automation. Yet its work is ongoing and many people are being touched by it in all phases of life, one source notes.

Missing the operations
When many think of the cloud, they think only of data storage or popular options such as Dropbox. This isbarely scratching the surface of the capabilities, according to The Guardian. When it comes to the cloud, many are scared only because of the little they know about it – without seeing the underlying ways it has made their lives more convenient and data more safe.

Frimley Park Hospital, for instance, is one operation that has been vastly improved thanks to the cloud. The British hospital, like so many other areas in the difficult economic times since the global recession late in the last decade, has faced slashed budgets and increased logistical difficulties. The hospital knew that, to preserve the high standards of health care it offered, it needed to overhaul many of its systems to find new savings.

Looking to IT for innovation
IT had one option in mind – the cloud. The hospital serves about 400,000 people in its area, and that presents massive data challenges, but since the implementation of the new technology, a great deal has been improved. Now, employees are able to access clinical records from tablets, making staff more informed and processes far quicker than they ever used to be. It has vastly increased savings, meaning that health care has remained high level while the preserved funds have come from elsewhere.

Cloud spending is ramping up around the globe – earlier this year, IDC predicted that spending on private cloud services alone would be at $24 billion by 2016. And yet the reason companies are spending so much is because it means they save so much, relative to the more conventional means of operations. BMI Cloud Solutions can help your company determine the best ways to save on operations. And with award-winning tools such as NetSuite and Kendot, you’ll get the flexibility and agility so many treasure in the cloud.