Cloud Computing Provides Secure Storage, Alliance Says


Cloud computing will remain a strong, secure method of storage in the face of questions about spying by U.S. government agencies that probe issues in the name of national security, according to an alliance that advocates for the innovative storage method.

The Register reports incentives of cloud computing are markedly stronger than the risk of having services like the National Security Agency delve in, the Open Data Center Alliance said. One such benefit is the opportunity to stay away from IT legacies.

“Companies should really think about what type of data they would like to put in a cloud and what data they would like to put into a private cloud,” chairman and secretary Mario Mueller with ODCA told the news source. “The easy decision is to put all my information into every place, but you have to know at least in the enterprise where information is stored and you have to have real-time access to your information.”

The innovative storage method is a key strategy for securing data and keeping it accessible when needed.

The Business-Standard reports nearly one in four Indian companies are using a variation of cloud computing.