Cloud computing prices fall, investment house says

Cloud computing prices are precipitously dropping, representing the valuable opportunity for companies in need to capitalize on the innovative service, according to a published report.

The trend of cloud computing has tugged down expenses that are germane to computing power and storage, according to an analysis conducted by California investment house Kleiner Perkins. Charts that are part of the “State of the Internet” report noted that charges are slipping for cloud computing, according to the spadework conducted by Mary Meeker, a partner with the Silicon Valley investment house.

The innovative process entails companies’ rental of computers from the various options that tech companies provide, which typically is shared with other companies. Such services are acquired via the internet. Rather than effect a purchase of the storage process, companies lease the service.

The computing market has changed as a result of companies saving money and, in turn, forwarding the savings on to customers.

Forbes reports many options are available for consumers in search of cloud computing services, for which customers should be prepared with exactly what their needs are when perusing those options.