Cloud computing making waves in the hiring industry

Cloud computing, specifically cloud-based ERP, has changed the way our workplaces operate, giving us more streamlined methods of storing information and sharing data with co-workers. But the cloud is doing more than just helping a company’s existing employees – it’s also changing the recruitment world, making for more efficient human resources solutions.

According to, the most significant advantage offered by cloud computing in the HR world is cost reduction. Buying and licensing new software products can be expensive, and there are also IT labor expenses associated with maintaining that software. When using primarily web-based solutions, there are no software packages to buy. There will still be some expenses with higher-end private cloud providers, but those expenses are generally far less than the cost of software.

Another benefit of cloud computing is its portability. Because job recruiters and HR representatives are often on the go, traveling to meet with prospective employees and often accessing work-related information away from the office, cloud solutions offer much-needed flexibility. Hiring officials can access their data anywhere, whether in the office, at home or on the road.

Jason Hayman, market research manager at TEKsystems, told Dark Reading that all hiring officials who want to compete in their industries must learn to accept the changing face of technology.

“The IT landscape is constantly evolving and organizations, as well as IT professionals, need to stay up to speed with those shifts to more effectively manage the new demands businesses will face,” Hayman said. “Organizations that do not keep pace with the change face the challenge of hiring in a market where there are not enough IT workers to fill all the jobs.”

The cloud is finding ways to pervade a new industry every week, it seems, and hiring appears to be the next frontier for that movement.