Cloud Computing Increasingly Used for Laboratory Experiments

Cloud computing strategies are increasingly being used for experiments at laboratories, according to a published report.

A collection of California companies are aiming to cut costs of preclinical research by capitalizing on the innovative storage method, The Wall Street Journal reports. The labs draw power from software and are operational due to the robots that are performing experiments. Those methods perform various responsibilities like counting cells and letting droplets fall into test tubes. Scientists are able to tap particular experiments, whose results then will be sent to them.

“Board members have asked me, ‘What if someone cures HIV before you?'” the founder of one service told the news source. “Well, we’ll all pop champagne bottles and move on to the next problem.”

The services need to do more work on the project to encourage its growth and to hash out details of pressing importance, which still is young yet shows signs of bright potential.

ZDNet reports a survey recently noted that seven of 10 poll subjects said they either are using or assessing the value of a hybrid cloud solution.