Cloud computing helps medical industry move forward

When it comes to health care, speed is important. The cloud has shown its ability to add agility to businesses of all stripes with diverse tools such as professional services automation and cloud-based CRM – and its applicability to medicine is no different.

Looking to the future
Medicine has advanced a great deal in the past several decades, but there are still certain aspects of it that frustrate many people. One important goal that has yet to be reached is making medical data available between multiple countries, according to Scientific American.

Medical information can often move easily between countries that already have established standards, but some companies are not readily able to do so. It’s something that the CDISC has worked on greatly in recent years, but the progress has been slow. Between language barriers and non-standard medical codes, there are many areas where standards must be established. But the cloud has already facilitated a great deal of inter-hospital work, and perhaps inter-continental transfers will be next.

Solving a problem
Morris Panner, for instance, who helped to create OpenAir, took to the medical cloud for a personal reason – his son’s respiratory problem. As he helped his son find care, he realized that there was great difficulty in getting medical images from one hospital and doctor to another. There were many logistical issues that needed solving, Panner said.

“To get those [images] to the doctor to evaluate is really hard,” he said. “They are often very large files, and they are often in formats the institutions cannot read. It was extremely difficult to get necessary information for people to evaluate while maintaining privacy and security.”

Panner went on to create a new company that is working hard to establish itself in the medical cloud industry. His efforts are moving forward, and soon, he hopes it will be a transformative aspect of medical care in the United States.

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