Cloud computing can benefit trucking sector

Trucking companies are increasingly tapping into the riveting benefits offered by cloud computing, which serves as a worthy alternative to other practices traditionally used by the industry, according to a published report.

The preference of using a hosted environment for computing needs is proving to be popular, Trucking Info reports. Servers are operated by a third party that facilitates trucking fleets’ capacities to enter and access data.

The trucking industry serves as a barometer about the state of the U.S. economy, and when considering the surging popularity of the cloud, all three entities are on the rise – cloud computing, the trucking sector and the U.S. economy all are experience healthy growth these days.

“I think it’s very clear, that in general software is migrating from an approach where you buy the software and then pay fees to upgrade it periodically, to a subscription-type service,” product and program management vice president Vikas Jain with Omnitracs told the news source. “Even the most common software used in an office is available as software-as-a-service. You pay for what use, just like you do with your utility or water bill. I think that is the direction for the future.”

Omnitracs helps private and for-hire fleets with management issues that drive toward enhancing safety and compliance, the retention of drivers and following fleets with the assistance of GPS, according to the company’s website.

The company is preparing for a trucking summit next month in Florida. Perform 2014 is scheduled for May 12 through 15 in Bonita Springs.

The innovative practice of cloud computing offers three particular perks that are especially useful for the trucking sector. Drivers of big rigs and their home bases have the valuable opportunity to capitalize on freedom, flexibility and financing, all of which provide for a convenience that makes the industry that much better off due to the innovative practice.