Cloud computing benefits most parties

Cloud computing is not just one of the most significant technologies out there just for show. Industry research continues to show that companies are migrating to hosted environments to improve many aspects of their firms. A recent survey of CIOs, business executives and employees by Dimensional Research found that the advantages of the cloud are vast.

Of the executives polled, 80 percent cited the cloud’s value as a major benefit, while 53 percent of CIOs answered similarly. The survey also found that nearly 60 percent of CIOs said the cloud is ideal for meeting compliance requirements and 51 percent said the solution provides a competitive advantage.

“Our survey findings show business value is an overwhelming driver for cloud adoption among business executives, while CIOs cite a range of reasons for moving to the cloud,” said Dimensional Senior Research Analyst and study author Diane Hagglund. “Better compliance and increased competitive advantage were also identified as key drivers.”

Cloud computing benefits staff members

Staff members are one of the main beneficiaries of cloud computing. Industry professionals believe that process automation tools help workers collaborate more effectively through multiple devices.

Employees also said they enjoy the advantages of cloud-based solutions. The survey found that 79 percent of workers said their experience with cloud applications has been beneficial.

Employees viewed as key adoption drivers of the cloud

A survey conducted by Webtorials found that employees at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often work outside of the office, which is something that cloud computing can support. As a result, 43 percent of SMBs said they plan to implement cloud-based solutions to support their workforce.

“SMBs are relying on mobile tools to better serve customers and reduce capex,” said Joanie Wexler, an independent networking analyst.

But not all is sunshine for workers, according to Wexler, because some employees are experiencing vastly different working experiences inside and out of the office. As a result, some people are struggling with productivity.

As long as more workers are adopting smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, businesses need to support this workforce and there is no better option than the cloud. All employees need is an internet connection and they can access corporate documents from virtually anywhere.