Cloud computing allows workers unprecedented accessibility to projects

In addition to being a cost-effective technology, cloud computing has opened new possibilities regarding employee productivity and data accessibility, according to a recent Journal Star report. Siamak Farah, CEO of Info-Street, said staff members are no longer restricted to just working in an office, and many are doing so while they are on vacation. This development is likely due to the fact that some firms have minimal staffing levels, forcing only one worker to be on certain projects at once.

“If there’s something that requires urgent attention, employees want to handle it immediately rather than face problems when they get back to the office,” Farah said, according to the report.

Farah said, however, that employees are not working more and avoiding vacation time, they just want more access to their work so they are not overwhelmed. He also said that industry research has found that more than 50 percent of staff members now work while they are on vacation, growing 6 percent from 2011, the Journal reported.

The cloud’s impact cannot be understated. Farah said the technology has simplified the ways companies operate. Now, business is performed either on-site or in the cloud, he added, according to the news source.

More firms rely on cloud computing

More businesses believe that hosting mission-critical applications in the cloud is crucial to their companies’ success. SailPoint’s recent Market Pulse Survey found that one-third of all enterprise apps are now running in hosted environments. By 2015, this total is projected to reach 50 percent.

Jackie Gilbert, SailPoint vice president and general manager, said firms need to have proper protection to fully ensure their use of the cloud is effective.

“Many companies lack visibility not only to what data is in the cloud, but also to who can access that data,” Gilbert said. “It’s imperative that companies put in place the right monitoring and controls to mitigate these growing risks.”

There are many benefits of cloud computing, especially in terms of employee productivity. Process automation tools allow staff members to collaborate more effectively because they can access and share content more efficiently than more restricted solutions.

Cloud computing is not expected to go away anytime soon, making it crucial for businesses to keep pace in the ever-changing technological landscape.