Cloud computing advances in Australia

Cloud computing is moving fast forward in Australia as the South Pacific nation is evolving its practices, according to a published report.

Agencies that work with information and communications technology are migrating from provider roles to service broker roles amid the country’s push toward a cloud-first policy, ZDNet reports. The country released a new cloud computing strategy on Tuesday, which builds on the Queensland Government ICT Strategy 2013-17.

Australia also released the Cloud Computing Implementation Model, which suggested the governments drive would change amid the ongoing plan.

“Traditionally, agency ICT divisions have been the in-house provider of ICT services. However, with cloud adoption and the corresponding sourcing ICT capabilities as-a-service, their role and mindset will shift from producing and managing assets to acting as a broker of ICT services from external suppliers or utilizing other brokers to satisfy business needs,” states the Cloud Computing Implementation Model document, according to the news source.

All of the nation’s government is set to support the secure sharing of cloud services and applications throughout government agencies, according to the newly released government.

These new strategy policies come in the aftermath of Australia establishing an independent Commission of Audit in March 2012.

The government of Queensland opted to adopt a cloud-first model as part of a drive to make public services better while cutting costs, doing so as part of a process.

“ICT-as-a-service will be procured from the private sector in the form of ICT-as-a-service wherever this is feasible and represents value for money,” states the Queensland Government Cloud Computing Strategy document, according to the news source. “Queensland Government will initially look to adopt common and commodity ICT cloud services through accredited (pre-qualified) arrangements.”

FutureGov reports the nation is implementing the changes and innovative processes as part of an effort to bring about savings.