Cloud changing the face of government

From cloud-based MRP to client billing software, the cloud has caused massive changes in a broad array of industries. It’s not just private sector, either – many within the government are quickly embracing the cloud and its wide set of benefits.

From the government, and looking for help
In New York, for instance, a recent government initiative is leading to a larger adoption of the cloud, according to Government Computing News. The government is moving nearly 120,000 employees to the cloud in order to achieve a greater flexibility in their operations.

Between savings in license fees, maintenance, hardware personnel cost, among other things, the state estimates the move will save the government $3 million in total.

It will also streamline services and operations within the government far more effectively. Prior to the move, there were 27 different systems in place at various state agencies in uses such as email, word and data processing. Now, there will be just one, vastly simplifying the process, according to Brian Digman, New York State Chief Information Officer said,

“Today marks another milestone in the State’s IT Transformation,” said Digman. “I thank Governor Cuomo for his commitment to improving technology that will now allow us to manage email services in a highly efficient manner using a secure, cloud-based system.”

Started from the bottom
Of course, the flexibility and agility of the cloud is quite alluring to CIOs, but the ease of use extends all the way to the top, too. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was very excited about the possibilities the move presents, saying that the transformation of the IT infrastructure was “critical” to a more efficient government for New Yorkers.

“[The move] will make collaboration among state agencies easier and increase productivity, in addition to saving approximately $3 million annually for taxpayers,” he said. “This agreement shows the progress we are making in our efforts to make state government more resourceful while delivering results for New Yorkers.”

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