Cloud changing the face of console gaming

The cloud has revolutionized nearly all aspects of business. From client billing software to cloud-based ERP, there are few aspects of the work landscape that remain untouched by the clouds. Now, even leisure is being transformed by the technology, and not just on Apple’s famous iPhone service. Video games will be taken to a whole new level through the work of the cloud.

Gaming sees a bright, shiny future in the cloud
Microsoft’s new system, Xbox One, is rapidly approaching its release date, and gamers throughout the nation are anticipating its arrival. Its technological specifications are the subject of great analysis, and many find that the cloud technology could be the killer app that takes the system to the next level. It’s a possibility that Dan Greenawalt, creative director at Xbox game developer Turn 10 Studios, finds very real. His company has been using the cloud, and finds that it truly heightens the value of the system.

“We’re using the cloud for exactly what the cloud is great for, which is asynchronous number crunching,” Greenawalt said, according to Pocket Lint.

it’s an important distinction, because the Xbox One is gearing up for a serious battle with the Playstation 4. The technology may be what sets it apart, according to Greenawalt.

“Here’s what the cloud’s great at,” Greenawalt said. “How about I throw data at it once in a while – let’s call it at the end of every race, maybe even every second – and throw a lot of data up there. I just trickle it up there. And these servers are just crunching away at supercomputer rates, all of this data. It’s exactly what Bing does, it’s a lot of data.”

A strong future in many industries
The cloud is changing nearly every industry, with diverse purposes and aims, and they are all the better for it. Video games may not seem to have much intersection with the business purposes the cloud is often associated with, and yet its application has vastly boosted the hype surrounding the next generation of consoles.

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