Cloud can help companies save money with IT help

With so many responsibilities these days, companies demand a great deal from employees on their payroll. Often, this will require the employees to go outside of their core role and areas of expertise to address tasks they are not qualified for. Yet, despite the difficulties, organizations zealously seek out workers who can do this – who sell themselves as “multitaskers.”

A dangerous trend
It’s not a good idea, many studies show, and instead a more optimal solution is to seek out extra help in areas such as IT. The cloud, which can help in such an array of tasks from cloud-based ERP to time tracking software, can provide many companies a boost in this area.

Recent research from Realization, an organizational consulting firm, surveyed companies and employees on multitasking habits and the ways they used their time. What they found as shocking – multitasking costs firms around the globe nearly $450 billion in productivity each year.

“Our study clearly demonstrates the massive impact that organizational multitasking is having in many different industries, and the real tragedy is that most of the organizations that suffer from it don’t even realize that it’s happening,” said Sanjeev Gupta, CEO of Realization. “Everyone appears to be working very hard, but in fact, they are spending a lot of their time simply spinning their wheels, switching from task to task, without ever having the time to finish something before another ‘urgent’ item is put on their plate. Organizational multitasking can be addressed, but first, managers have to recognize the problem.”

IT offers serious
Realization’s study comes on the heels of a recent study from Microsoft and AMI-Partners which pointed to IT as a serious danger in multi-tasking. Many small businesses neglect the hiring of full-time IT staff and instead attempt to make regular workers do the IT work – the report dubs them “involuntary IT managers.” Having to address problems they have little expertise on – through no fault of their own, of course – these workers cost firms in the United States nearly $24 billion annually.

Companies need to make sure that they have all the help they need, according to Andy Bose, chairman and CEO at AMI-Partners.

“These companies can potentially leverage cloud services to alleviate the need for day-to-day in-house IT support with positive impact on their business productivity,” said Bose.

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