Cloud can even help with health checks

The cloud has made a number of things easier, from cloud-based MRP to professional services automation. Yet the rapid expansion of the service is making clear the astounding possibilities for the still-nascent technology.

Conditions on the ground
Health care in Australia makes for a good deal of expenditures, with recent debate arising over the size of the budget. Spending on health and aging, in fact, recently threatened to reach half of the country’s outlays, sparking a series of debates among politicians, according to The Australian. Rohan Mead, the chairman of the Business Council of Australia’s health policy taskforce and director of the Australian Health Insurance Association, said he thinks the country may not be sufficiently concerned about potential issues in health care.

“We are concerned that the public may be somewhat lulled into a misapprehension,” he said. “The misapprehension may be that the healthcare system has been inoculated to these demographic and economic pressures – or that somehow the nation has been future-proofed when it may not have been.”

No problems in the cloud
Perhaps soon, though, the cloud may be ready to come to the rescue. Researchers at Charles Stuart University are close to developing a cloud-based health care monitoring system, according to ZDNet. Once fully implemented, the system could both lower health care spending and revolutionize services in rural Australia.

The system includes wearable sensors, wireless sensor networks and smart devices all coming together in the cloud to monitor a patient’s vital signs. The system will also incorporate a variety of innovations such as cell phone alerts that will be automatically sent to doctors in case of irregular signs.

By keeping track of issues such as blood pressure and allowing doctors access to monitoring systems from distant locations, the process could allow for both improved and streamlined care, while allowing for the security of patient information, according to Dr. Tanveer Zia, head of the system’s research team.

“An ideal healthcare monitoring system should have the capability to collect and interpret data and trigger specific actions in real time,” he told the source. “At the same time, it should ensure the privacy and security of data.”

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