Cloud can bring growth to foreign countries

The cloud has made business easier, storage safer and computing better. It has brought improvements to small businesses and multinational corporations with improvements like cloud-based ERP. Now, some are wondering if it can help to boost the economies of some countries around the world.

Malaysia looking to cloud
Malaysia has 28 million residents, and its GDP is normally listed among the 40 highest in the world. And now, a technology minister thinks it’s primed to become a major player in cloud computing.

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek recently spoke at the launch of cloud computing service AwanHeiTech, and he thinks that the time is right for major growth in the sector throughout the country, according to Malaysian newspaper New Straits Times.

“Malaysia’s growth as a data storage center should be encouraged, expanded and promoted because the country still has extensive space to keep data storage servers,” Shabery said.

In making this effort, Shabery believes the government needs to take the lead and create guidelines on essential matters of security. In turn, he said, this would promote the country’s image worldwide as a safe haven for strong and secure data storage.

“We cannot depend on the local companies alone without looking at how to raise the confidence of the international community in picking Malaysia as their cloud data storage center,” he said. “Thus, there are many things that we need to look at including the issue concerning application, security matters, whether the data stored in Malaysia can be breached or hacked.”

Many appealing attributes
Malaysia has a number of different strengths that could appeal to those looking at the country. It rarely has natural disasters, for instance, meaning that data would not be exposed to the threat of flood or destruction in hurricanes or earthquakes, as it would be in so many parts of the United States. In addition, great infrastructure throughout the country could allow companies to thrive.

As it stands, Malaysia only has five companies offering data storage services, but Shabery hopes this number will increase. Throughout the world, the cloud is something that many companies and countries see economic hope in, and if your business has not yet taken advantage of it, it is best to go with an experienced cloud provider. BMI Cloud Solutions can help your company with tools like NetSuite and OpenAir.