Cloud can allow employees greater freedom while preventing shadow IT

With so many different tools in the cloud such as professional services automation and project management software, companies have a great deal they can take advantage of when moving to the service. Some operations have not yet fully embraced the potential inherent in the technology, and that’s a perfectly fine decision – but it can lead to problems if employees see the advantages of the cloud and create their own shadow IT options.

Moving to the cloud – without company knowledge
This sort of action is part of what many analysts have dubbed “cloud sprawl,” as Baseline Magazine notes. With so many different ways of entering into the cloud and capitalizing on its offerings, the “sprawl” has long since established itself. But the danger comes when corporate data – some of it requiring heightened security and offering potential risks – becomes dispersed through a number of different areas.

If any of those platforms are not sanctioned by the company, that can lead to risks. This happens most often, the source notes, when there are large restrictions on cloud computing, and employees decide to go around those blocks.

Taking care of your information
It’s understandable that IT would like to keep in place a variety of controls in order to keep company data safe – in fact, it’s vital to an operation. But the right answer lies somewhere on the continuum between Draconian security and absolute freedom. At both ends, there will be problems that arise, and often, it’s the very same one. Employees will likely resort to using technology outside of the purview of the company, leading to unknown dangers for security.

If your company has yet to adopt cloud security, it should consider doing so in order to facilitate work for all employees. There are a variety of benefits that many people are aware of – increased storage capabilities as well as cost efficiency and flexibility – but there are many different advantages to companies may not realize.

In looking to explore the cloud, it’s best to have a trustworthy partner. BMI Cloud Solutions has the years of experience to help you optimize your setup and decide how to best secure your information without undercutting employee freedom. With award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir, BMI is ready to help take your company to the next level.