Cloud-based ERP is officially here

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions have been given new life thanks to cloud computing.’s Johani Marais recently highlighted the advantages that cloud-based ERP affords companies leveraging the technology.

Although hosting systems is not anything new, cloud ERP’s enhanced connectivity appears to be the real benefit. The writer explained that businesses can access services they actually use thanks to the cloud.

Cloud-based ERP is a scalable solution

“It’s the promise of the cloud that has, by now, become familiar: pay per use, accurate alignment of technology spend with business performance and the ability to scale services to match demand,” Marais wrote.

Cloud-based ERP is also beneficial for companies looking for ways to be more competitive, according to the writer. Small and medium-sized businesses are considered to be the most popular users of the technology as they try to expand their reach. If firms can achieve this expansion and support a new generation of employees, cloud ERP will be even more important for companies moving forward.

Cloud-based ERP is considered beneficial for companies of all sizes, according to a Manufacturing Business Technology report. The news source explained that organizations leveraging the solution do not have to rely on their own employees to manage their ERP systems. This situation is ideal for small firms with limited resources.