Cloud-based accounting software can help small businesses

There’s hardly an industry that has yet to be revolutionized by the cloud, but often businesses who have yet to explore the opportunities do not realize just how much is out there. From time tracking software to cloud-based CRM, there are advantages to be gained by companies that are in any conceivable industry, and many of them do not fully recognize what can be done.

Small businesses love the cloud
Small business owners, for instance, have much to gain in a number of different ways from the cloud, as Tech Page One notes. The source speaks to one couple, Julia and Chris Tunstall, who founded a company that teaches those who are already bartenders to be capable of working in high-end settings. Looking at the model, one could be forgiven for thinking it is hardly the most susceptible to being able to be improved through the cloud – you can’t make drinks with computers, obviously. But everything behind the scenes has been ramped up through the latest technology, according to the source.

Julia Tunstall runs the bar’s finances, and she has found that cloud-based accounting software has been a godsend, according to the source. Previously, most conventional software was not optimized for small business use, she said – now, the cloud has made accounting easier for all companies.

“In my opinion, the offline products tend to be older, more enterprise-facing solutions,” Tunstall said. “They are accountant friendly but don’t make an effort to simplify bookkeeping.”

Making the right choice of partner
Of course, it’s not so simple as just deciding to move to the cloud and being done with it. There are many options that different companies will require in their own situation, and Tunstall encourages people to explore before making their choice.

“A vital function for one of our other businesses is not available with any cloud-based options,” she said. “Not to mention, the data isn’t readily available when you’re offline — so you can manage accounting functions when you’re not connected to the Internet.”

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