Chocolatier benefits from cloud computing

An Australian chocolatier prides itself of producing a heavenly product for its customers. Thus it is no coincidence that the firm’s business practices are helped by the cloud.

ZDNet reports Sisko Chocolate has been using the cloud because increased business demand required the innovative storage process for the company staffed by a handful of employees. Founder and director Christina Tantsis said the firm very quickly learned of the benefits.

“There was no plan to adopt cloud technologies, just an evolution as we discovered applications and services that made life easier,” the founder and director told the news source.

Established in the end of 2007, Sisko Chocolate prides itself on creating original products and implementing a unique perspective, according to the company website. The company’s reach extends to sculptures, centerpieces and party favors for an array of special events.

Company staff includes an artisan, a stylist, a graphic artist and a photographer, all of whom merge efforts to design, personalize and capture event themes.

The company has grown increasingly comfortable using the innovative storage method of cloud computing. She said she is confident about the integrity of data security procedures.

She said the company really benefited when using cloud computing for studio imagery because they could offer prospective clients samples of what they produce. They also could forward those images to journalistic outlets, which resulted in publicity.

The next component of her business to benefit was company accounts. She said when the company migrated from spreadsheets, she originally tested a couple of options. The benefits were clear from the beginning, she said, noting those options were “so much more intuitive” and the availability and accessibility is wide.

One cloud computing operation is on business grounds while the other is off premise. That helps back up the data and aid with sharing what is stored.

Business has become a pleasure and a lot easier to control and direct with assistance of the innovative storage method.

“Technology should be used to make life easier,” she told the publication. “If you travel frequently like we do, having the ability to run your business while you’re away is just one benefit.”

She emphasized the importance of being confident about business practices and security.

The cloud companies “invest a lot of money in protecting their businesses and thus client data,” she told the publication. “Using cloud services might even be more secure than keeping all of your data on a computer or server at a single location.”