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Manufacturing Myth: Digital Transformation Can Wait

BMI Cloud Solutions Manufacturing Myth

Mention the term Industry 4.0 to a manufacturing executive and you may receive a skeptical response about marketing hype. Others may express concern about where to begin and the costs of failure in a long-term commitment to digital transformation. More than ever, today’s executives are under pressure from stakeholders to bring these capabilities to the organization quickly.

Our conversations with clients reveal that the path to digital transformation in manufacturing begins with a cultural commitment to reexamining your business and considering new frontiers. What tactical improvements will set the stage for fast response processes, customer centricity, and new product innovations in a rapid Go Live scenario? Are the technology buzzwords of Industry 4.0 still merely conceptual or are they readily available today, such as?

  • The rise of big data and its contributions to artificial intelligence
  • Human-machine interactions and augmented reality technology
  • Advanced analytics and the drive for customer centricity
  • Rapid digital to physical transfer of materials using 3D printing

In the next five years, many of these capabilities will become available and affordable allowing your competitors to enhance their profitability and customer offerings more rapidly. If your company is running in neutral, the cost of playing catch up may cost you customers and long-term sustainability.

How do we assist our clients to overcome these challenges?

Our clients use NetSuite to set the foundational infrastructure unifying operational processes, leveraging powerful analytics, and enabling open connectivity to the manufacturing tools of the future. Some of them have been able to Go Live and provide value to all stakeholders in 100 days.

Contact us today and find out why NetSuite is the deepest cloud-based ERP that embraces the uniqueness of businesses worldwide with a configurable platform. Click the link below and learn more how NetSuite will help you embrace the technology tools of Industry 4.0 and connect with your long-term strategical goals.


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Sales Tax for Dummies, Really!

Life lessons. They’re never ending. There’s the stuff that you’d like to learn like paddle boarding, pasta rolling, conversational Spanish, and there’s the stuff that you have to learn, like web design, drywall hanging, and programming the DVR. We’re guessing sales tax falls into the latter category. Because, let’s face it, unless you’re a member of Mensa (or a masochist), sales tax is hard. And boring.

But now it doesn’t have to be. Avalara wrote the book on making sales tax easy. No seriously, we did. Okay, we had a little help on the “easy” part from the folks at For Dummies. Yes! That’s right; those massively popular bright yellow and black books that that offer useful instruction on, well, everything.

Odds are you’re familiar with For Dummies. Hard not to be, with more than 1,800 titles to choose from on everything from sushi to sewing to search engines and now (with Avalara’s help) sales tax.

The beauty of these DIY guides is that they take topics that are inherently overwhelming to most of us and condense them down into something digestible. Who doesn’t love that? Sales & Use Tax Compliance for Dummies is a 49-page powerhouse of plain speak on everything sales tax from understanding nexus (the obligation to collect sales tax based on sales activities) to product taxability to proving tax exemption to registration and returns filing. There’s helpful tips to avoid costly mistakes that could led to an audit and practical reasons to consider automated tax software to make compliance easier to manage.

It’s a simple, straightforward look at a not-so-simple problem and a primer on why getting sales tax right is so important—and so hard to do on your own. There’s counsel for businesses of all types and sizes on how to make this process easier and business cases for tax-decisioning software that works right in the financial systems you already use in your business—from QuickBooks for smaller businesses to ERP or ecommerce systems for larger companies with more complex selling structures. It’s a quick read (and a must read)!Download your free copy of Sales & Use Tax Compliance for Dummies.

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