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Webinar Series: Digital Transformation for Life Sciences


Is your company operating with a menagerie of bolted-on software accumulated on an as-needed-right-now basis? A lack of connectivity, visibility, and traceability among Life Sciences software technologies obscures insight, opportunity, audit-worthy quality and compliance tracking.

Join Angela Davis & Laurence Donoghue of BMI Cloud Solutions for a 3-part webinar series, Digital Transformation for Life Sciences, designed to lead you to technology nirvana with fully customizable Life Sciences software that evolves as you do, guides your vision for the future and ensures compliance record-keeping every step of the way.

Our first session, November 6, focuses on laying the foundation for digital transformation with unified technology.

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Join Our 3-Part Webinar Series

Digital Transformation for Life Sciences
Session 1: Laying the Foundation

In this first session, see how NetSuite can transform your business with:

> Integrated manufacturing, CRM, ERP/financials, and ecommerce
> Role-based, customizable dashboards
> Bill of Material Management with Revision Control
> Native out-of-the-box support for global operations
> Manufacturing information and intelligence
> Anywhere, anytime access.  And more.


Date: November 6, 2018
Time: 2pm – 3pm EDT (11am – 12pm PDT)

Webinar is complimentary. Pre-registration is required.


NetSuite ERP – SuiteWorld


Our team just wrapped up a few days out in San Jose at the NetSuite SuiteWorld 2015 event and found it to be extremely well done. This was our 5th year attending and each year the material keeps getting better. This year we sat through a few of the customer success stories and found many company’s have initiated some new NetSuite ERP technology representing major shifts in the way they do business. This helped cement CTO, Evan Goldberg’s comments about NetSuite being a Disruptive Platform.

Of all the customer sessions we attended the one that demonstrated the largest disruptive technology adoption was one of the meeting where LoveSac (Their product featured in our blog image!) presented on their future and how they’re changing they way we buy furniture and accessories. LoveSac, who’s moving to the new NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced functionality presented on how NetSuite has helped streamline their back office business while also improving their customer experience. They key to their future success is all about the OmniChannel experience. OmniChannel is a consistent shopping experience regardless of being in store, mobile or online. How would this change your buying experience? Imagine walking into a store and having the assistant walk over with a mobile device and show you your past purchases and what’s in your current cart. There are so many ways this can improve the buying experience and I can’t wait to see what the final outcome is.

NetSuite and the cloud are having significant impact on business environments and the changes are coming faster and with such an array of platform enhancement that I think we’ll see a leap frog effect in retail leaders. I suspect companies moving to platforms like SuiteCommerce Advanced will gain on and surpass their competitors. This is just the tip of the iceberg with NetSuite, but it’s clear to see the cloud is here to stay – In fact, I read something last week that stated 70%+ of mid size companies will standardize on the cloud by 2020 – that’s less than 5 years away! Are you ready?

Are you considering a move to the cloud? We can help!

Cloud Computing Has Become Commonplace


Cloud computing has pushed past trendiness and is more commonplace these days, emerging as a routine method of data storage for people and businesses, according to a published report.

By some estimates, the innovative storage method is being used by more than half of all big companies, Forbes reports. Those firms that have not capitalized on the benefits that cloud computing have to offer have several attributes and perks to look forward to. Further, PCWorld reports spending on cloud computing is forecast to advance during the next several years after achieving strong gains in 2013.

Cloud computing offers users an increased amount of flexibility when it comes to scalable solutions. It also offers strong options when it comes to the necessary bandwidth.

The innovative storage method also offers a stronger level of control when needed for rapid deployment. Cloud computing also has proven to be an efficient method of use for those who capitalize on the numerous benefits it provides.

To retain and control intricate, detailed workflows of enterprise tasks, cloud computing often emerges as a top choice and does not fail to impress when handling these tasks with ease. It also has been helpful for enhancing resource utilization and maximizing performance, which permits users to benefit from design applications and analytics that function under the premise of real time analytics.

The infrastructure of the innovative storage method also is efficient when it comes to controlling strong periods of operation.

Cloud computing has strong benefits that advance users in several directions and those benefits are likely to continue hurtling forward into more flexible, controlled and efficient means as part of the drive to be beneficial to IT needs and requirements.

Worldwide spending on public cloud services is forecast to jump 23 percent through 2018, according to PCWorld.

Cloud Computing Spreads in India

Cloud computing is having a profound impact on India, where the innovative storage method is helping with the generation of products that people and businesses throughout the world are capitalizing on, according to a published report.

The products of cloud computing companies in the subcontinent include workflow productions, helpdesk programs, big data services and analytical efforts, ZDNet reports. The programs are Software-as-a-service, Platform-as-a-service, and Infrastructure-as-a-service. Some of the productions could pose a threat to the livelihood of IT services as cloud computing efforts advance quickly.

The effort is helped by an influx of Indians returning to the subcontinent after competing their engineering education and devoting some of the professional pursuits to working at worldwide product firms. They bring back their enthusiasm for the entrepreneurial spirit, which also helps the cloud computing effort move forward.

The sector is likely to continue expanding quickly due to the wide popularity of cloud computing and the competition the industry is spawning.

Business Insider reports startups are increasingly using cloud computing services as the newly established companies are finding the services to be valuable as they get going with business drives.

Cloud Computing Provides Secure Storage, Alliance Says


Cloud computing will remain a strong, secure method of storage in the face of questions about spying by U.S. government agencies that probe issues in the name of national security, according to an alliance that advocates for the innovative storage method.

The Register reports incentives of cloud computing are markedly stronger than the risk of having services like the National Security Agency delve in, the Open Data Center Alliance said. One such benefit is the opportunity to stay away from IT legacies.

“Companies should really think about what type of data they would like to put in a cloud and what data they would like to put into a private cloud,” chairman and secretary Mario Mueller with ODCA told the news source. “The easy decision is to put all my information into every place, but you have to know at least in the enterprise where information is stored and you have to have real-time access to your information.”

The innovative storage method is a key strategy for securing data and keeping it accessible when needed.

The Business-Standard reports nearly one in four Indian companies are using a variation of cloud computing.

Massachusetts Operates Cloud Computing Effort


Cloud computing is taking sizable steps forward in a Northeast U.S. state, merging several entities of society to produce an open computing marketplace, according to a published report.

And the effort is set to benefit consumers, who may conduct negotiations for the type of services and products they need, TechCrunch reports. The entities involved in the drive include public, business and academic outlets, all of whom collect to form the Massachusetts Open Cloud project.

Some big name schools have lent support to the initiative as well – Harvard University, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Boston University and Northeastern University.

“For us I would see the key opportunities we see around MOC is operational access, understanding large scale cloud infrastructure, and growing skills” surrounding this domain, one vendor told the news outlet. “We will rotate resources from support and consulting organizations so they can get first-hand experience.”

The drive of the effort is to establish a commercial project that is founded on tools from open sources with the assistance of equipment and engineers who have been supplies by vendors.

Being involved with the effort is advantageous on many levels. Participants may capitalize on the increased amount of incubation space for innovation so that they may conduct experiments for various business models and Service Level Agreements.

Vendors see an advantage that is akin to that of academia – the acquisition of real data about the operation and function of large–scale data mechanisms.

“Probably the very interesting use case is the ability to get the operational data from such a large scale environment,” the vendor told the news outlet. “A lot of cloud services are black boxes. We work with these vendors, but we don’t have the ability to get as much information from inside a large scale infrastructure.”

An array of cloud options are in play for consumers but there is a dearth in the marketplace for the capacity to negotiate pricing and access. Another benefit of this effort is it serves as a kick-off point for providing an increased amount of selling infrastructure as the effort advances.

The project is in its experimental stages but there are high hopes.

ZDNet reports a cloud computing service is assembling predictions about who will prevail in this year’s World Cup.

By crunching large amounts of data and statistics, the cloud computing platform is being implemented to arrive at results of each game and ultimately the winner of the global competition that ensues once every four years.

Cloud Computing Increasingly Used for Laboratory Experiments

Cloud computing strategies are increasingly being used for experiments at laboratories, according to a published report.

A collection of California companies are aiming to cut costs of preclinical research by capitalizing on the innovative storage method, The Wall Street Journal reports. The labs draw power from software and are operational due to the robots that are performing experiments. Those methods perform various responsibilities like counting cells and letting droplets fall into test tubes. Scientists are able to tap particular experiments, whose results then will be sent to them.

“Board members have asked me, ‘What if someone cures HIV before you?'” the founder of one service told the news source. “Well, we’ll all pop champagne bottles and move on to the next problem.”

The services need to do more work on the project to encourage its growth and to hash out details of pressing importance, which still is young yet shows signs of bright potential.

ZDNet reports a survey recently noted that seven of 10 poll subjects said they either are using or assessing the value of a hybrid cloud solution.

Bay Area Company Notes Benefits of Cloud Computing

A company in the Bay Area of Northern California has greatly benefited from cloud computing and the numerous perks it offers businesses, according to a published report.

SellPoints of Emeryville, a services provider for retail marketing, capitalized on the innovative storage method to establish new business drives, ZDNet reports. Under the direction of vice president Benny Blum, the company implemented a cloud computing solution as part of a method to crunch big data product in 2012.

The company counts 251 retail partners among its stable of clients. It gathers roughly 130 million unique customers per month.

“We wanted to create several proof of concept platforms to demonstrate the potential,” the vice president of performance marketing and analytics told the news source. “The most successful would then be the basis for the production version that would be offered to customers.”

SellPoints capitalizes on trends in consumer behavioral data as a method of aiding online sales pursuits of major brands, according to the company’s website.

When deciding on which cloud computing service to use, SellPoints consider various factors, including prices. Carrying capacity also plays a role, and the company considered user data and the service level agreement of performance and reliability.

The vice president said the company has growth initiatives that open doors as far as development is concerned.

“They let us experiment with development at far lower risk than if we’d built our own infrastructure,” Blum told the news source.

Following the company’s experience, Blum is won to deliver advice as to how to best benefit from all that cloud computing has to offer and what sort of expectations potential customers should have when pondering the innovative storage method.

Companies should conduct costs analyses so they may comprehend the impact of various offerings.

“Make sure the service is easy for your internal staff to use,” he told the news outlet.