BYOD and cloud combine to form important future for IT

BY ON 08/26/2013

As the cloud, with offerings such as cloud-based MRP and professional services automation, has brought such revolutionary convenience to businesses in a variety of sectors, it has become tied to another great change in business convenience – the bring your own device philosophy. The two have mixed and matured together, and one hardly moves forward without a similar advance in the other. Recent studies show that as BYOD moves into more widespread adoption, the cloud will be moving with it – and companies that do not embrace the agility the two offer will be left behind.

Can the cloud take you high enough
As a manager at technology research firm Rackspace, John Engates and his coworkers pride themselves on predicting the future of technology. As the company conducted research into work computing trends in tandem with Britain’s Manchester Business School, it presumed it knew exactly what it would see.

They were quite wrong, Engates recently told IT Pro Portal. Instead, the company saw numbers higher even than Engates, sitting at the vanguard of technological analysis, could anticipate.

“The surprises were in just how far people are taking this, the numbers were higher than we expected in terms of adoption,” said Engates. “There were some numbers in the 80% range where I figured that people would be 50:50 in terms of how they were adopting mobile devices.”

Cloud pulling its weight

Tied into this massive adoption is the convenience the cloud affords mobile devices. Companies now have no choice but to enter the cloud if they hope to have the same agility that their rivals do – otherwise, they will be left behind, according to Engates.

“Cloud computing is a great enabler for mobile and mobile is a great driver in demand for cloud computing,” said Engates. “I think they are like two sides of the same coin so from my perspective the message to IT is that you need to start taking these next generation tools very seriously.”

If your company is still lagging behind the curve and not, as Engates said, taking the cloud “very seriously,” you still have the chance. BMI Cloud Solutions can help you decide what the best options are for your company, with award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir as well as years of expertise.