Businesses can open up thanks to NetSuite

The benefits of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are immense, especially when it comes to improving a company’s overall project management. Businesses looking for ways to enhance this area in 2013 should consider the advantages of solutions like OpenAir by NetSuite.

Firms that implement OpenAir can expect to take advantage of the SaaS-based system’s real-time metrics that give businesses and their employees greater flexibility. The solution handles all of the time-consuming tasks like data re-entry, timesheets and invoicing, freeing up staff members so they can focus on more important projects.

As is the case with any organization, companies want to have the best information available to make the most sound decisions. With OpenAir, businesses can achieve this goal because the platform includes real-time visibility into their operations to enhance communication throughout the entire company.

Companies cannot afford to put their time, effort, money and faith in solutions that fail to deliver. Businesses that rely on OpenAir from NetSuite can meet all of these needs while also offering firms the ability to improve their return on investment by eliminating excess hardware and maintenance.