Business Owners – Get Your Head in the CLOUD!


So many business owners we connect with daily are looking for THE secret to a worry-free solution to their operations.  In our continued experience with technology and business requirements, we have figured out a few keys to your success:

  1. Touch it once – This may seem obvious, but so many business owners overlook the fact that scaling a business with manual process and extra people pushing paper is the “easier” way to do things. They quickly lose sight of the associated costs.  If you are running your business on technology solutions that require duplicate entry, extensive hardware configurations, or complex integrations, look to the cloud.  That approach will leave you limited with time and money required to both clean up a mess AND to then put the right solutions in place.
  2. Settle for less – You’re right, I didn’t include the word “don’t” in there. When you’re looking for a truly unified solution, understand that you’re looking for overall efficiency and NOT to have every bell, whistle, or automation on day one.  This doesn’t mean you need to settle for a system that won’t work. It means you need to prioritize what’s truly important and the timing to make it all happen, so you get the MOST value WHEN you need it.
  3. You needed it yesterday – Most business owners have the notion that their business needs to be at a certain point before they start to leverage the “right” business management solution. Look to create the right foundation BEFORE you expand the sales team… before you open a new location… before you expand that product line… With the future of the cloud moving at a rapid pace, your ability to create a new foundation for your business is right at your fingertips!