Business in the cloud: Firms should be doing more

Companies that continue to rely on older IT systems may be playing catch up to other companies that have adopted newer technologies and are doing business in the cloud. A recent BostInno report by Richard Minney explained the advantages of the hosted environments, especially when it comes to enterprise applications like cloud-based ERP. Traditional ERP deployments can be expensive, but this issue is alleviated by cloud vendors.

“Cloud-based software is growing more mobile and secure and cost-effective with every passing year,” Minney wrote. “By allowing you to access your business management tools through a web browser or a mobile app, it can free you from the shackles of the desk. You can access the information you need and effectively run your business from anywhere.”

The writer also explained that cloud-based solutions are so effective because they are backed by multiple entry points, allowing many staff members to access content. Collaboration is also boosted by the technology because employees can communicate through phone, email or chat all on one system. This level of clarity is ideal for companies because they can view expenses, invoices and see what tasks have been completed.

Potential outages shouldn’t deter businesses from the cloud

One of the sticking points for many businesses hesitant to adopt the cloud involves cloud outages. But an ERP Cloud News report explained that companies should not let this get in the way of the many benefits associated with doing business in the cloud. Firms should spend more time managing ERP instead of cloud-based CRM because if a CRM system experiences an issue, it only impacts the sales department. If an ERP deployment is affected, the entire inventory supply chain is stalled.

Although outages can occur with the cloud, vendors are working to alleviate these issues. The news provider explained that businesses spent a lot more time managing backups, servers and other systems before the use of the cloud. With cloud-based deployments, however, organizations can focus on more important tasks like expanding their operations rather than maintaining them.

If outages are still a major concern for businesses, the news source encouraged companies to adopt solutions from reputable cloud vendors, like NetSuite, to ensure these disruptions are lessened.

Cloud computing may still be evolving in many respects, but the hosted environments are changing how organizations operate for the better.