Brewer increasingly relying on cloud computing

The top product of a metropolitan Washington company gets its taste from the Southern U.S., its flavor from Northern Virginia, and its business practice from the virtues of cloud computing, according to a published report.

Owner Bill Butcher founded Port City Brewing Co. in 2011 and he has been stepping up efforts to advance operations, The Washington Post reports. Optimal Wit, as the top beer of the company is known, is brewed in 120 barrel tanks in Alexandria. And cloud computing software helps monitor supplies and ease company officials’ drive to implement control over the process.

“There was a lot of duplication of effort, a lot of reinventing the wheel. They weren’t necessarily sharing information,” the owner told the news source, noting how inefficient the process was prior to discovering the wonders of cloud computing. “Once you get a certain amount of production you need to have more sophisticated tools.”

Under the motto “elevating craft beer,” the Port City Brewing Company aims to expand some of the original beer recipes, according to the company’s website.

Specifically, when delivery services drop of the hops to the warehouse, the employee who receives the vital ingredients then takes note of the data on a device that stores the information in the cloud.

Further, when a distributor vends some of the beer to a restaurant, the owner then is able to follow the process via a computerized system that tracks the progress.

But other processes are more simple.

Jonathan Reeves, head brewer of the company, takes note of recipes with the use of handwritten notes. His peers activate a valve to advance grain from a silo to a mill room in preparation for the grain to be mashed and later fermented.

The cloud helps the company monitor brewing, bottling, kegging, packaging and distribution of the product, according to the news source.