Break glass for cloud in event of emergency

It’s an incredible notion, but at this point many in technology are left to wonder if there is anything the cloud can not revolutionize. From cloud-based ERP to billing software, the cloud has changed many industries that people are well aware of. But its effect on life-or-death fields such as disaster recovery has been less acknowledged.

Picking up the pieces
The cloud, more than any previous technology, allows for fail-safe measures, according to Richard Cocchiara, an engineer for IBM and managing partner of consulting for IBM’s Business Continuity and Resiliency Services. Cocchiara’s team works with operations worldwide to make sure that sufficient measures are in place for governments and businesses to continue uninterrupted by natural disasters, and in his view, the cloud has revolutionized the whole process.

It all begins, of course, with the most basic feature of the cloud – offsite data storage. Yet some people, Cocchiara said in an interview with Network World, still do not have sufficiently remote backups, or even any backups at all.

“Most large companies have some sort of a backup strategy, but more often than you might think, we find companies who are not sending their data offsite or not sending it far enough offsite,” said Cocchiara. “When we ask if they have checked to see what potential regional issues they might have, sometimes they find some geological or weather or some other type of potential risk that would affect their ability to recover locally.”

In fact, Cocchiara finds, some businesses doesn’t even store their own continuity plans offsite. Instead, they have them onsite, and when a disaster does finally arrive, they are left with a plan in place – but one that was destroyed by the very event it was set to defend the company from.

“You’d be surprised how often business continuity plans are lost in a disaster,” Cocchiara told the source. “Those plans are critical, and if they’re stored on a system in the primary center, how are you going to run the recovery if you can’t get to that system?”

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