Bay Area Company Notes Benefits of Cloud Computing

A company in the Bay Area of Northern California has greatly benefited from cloud computing and the numerous perks it offers businesses, according to a published report.

SellPoints of Emeryville, a services provider for retail marketing, capitalized on the innovative storage method to establish new business drives, ZDNet reports. Under the direction of vice president Benny Blum, the company implemented a cloud computing solution as part of a method to crunch big data product in 2012.

The company counts 251 retail partners among its stable of clients. It gathers roughly 130 million unique customers per month.

“We wanted to create several proof of concept platforms to demonstrate the potential,” the vice president of performance marketing and analytics told the news source. “The most successful would then be the basis for the production version that would be offered to customers.”

SellPoints capitalizes on trends in consumer behavioral data as a method of aiding online sales pursuits of major brands, according to the company’s website.

When deciding on which cloud computing service to use, SellPoints consider various factors, including prices. Carrying capacity also plays a role, and the company considered user data and the service level agreement of performance and reliability.

The vice president said the company has growth initiatives that open doors as far as development is concerned.

“They let us experiment with development at far lower risk than if we’d built our own infrastructure,” Blum told the news source.

Following the company’s experience, Blum is won to deliver advice as to how to best benefit from all that cloud computing has to offer and what sort of expectations potential customers should have when pondering the innovative storage method.

Companies should conduct costs analyses so they may comprehend the impact of various offerings.

“Make sure the service is easy for your internal staff to use,” he told the news outlet.