B2C marketing can help businesses focus on B2B efforts

Companies operating in the B2B marketing arena may not want to create content in the mold of B2C campaigns, but they can still learn a thing or two from this type of outreach. BtoB contributor Paul Dunay recently explained that firms should create websites that offer products to clients, not a background of corporate accolades.

Although companies want as many clients as possible to visit their sites, few have tools in place to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Dunay encouraged firms to use solutions that study website traffic to determine what is working and what is not.

Another key to improving B2B marketing involves gaining insight from customers. The writer noted that companies should allow clients to review products. Including a “request a demo” link gains endorsements and generates leads.

Companies can take stock in industry professional suggestions to improve their B2B marketing campaign, but there are a number of tools firms can leverage as well. B2B marketing automation software helps organizations track anonymous visitors and potential prospects, and determine a clear return on investment so businesses don’t waste valuable resources on marketing that continues to fall short of expectations.