B2B social media marketing success takes patience, right approach

B2B marketing is not as simple as reaching out to general consumers, making it difficult for companies operating in this arena to strike a chord with other businesses. In addition to email and mobile outlets, social media is another important channel that firms must utilize to improve their B2B campaigns.

CMSWire’s Carter Hostelley recently offered tips for organizations to enhance their B2B marketing success through social media. For starters, Facebook is a site that should be used to reach out and engage clients, not appeal o the masses.

Coupons should be avoided as well, according to the writer. Instead, companies should encourage potential clients to sign up for a free trial to view a whitepaper or participate in a webinar.

The key with any successful social media campaign is patience. Firms should provide clients with content that is helpful in nature rather than a sales pitch, according to Hostelley. Also, businesses are encouraged to engage with companies once they are ready to buy.

“Almost anyone will be your friend on Facebook for a gift card or iPad giveaway,” Hostelley explained. “That’s the siren call for B2C social marketing. But that strategy won’t work with B2B prospects. Not when we’re talking about big-ticket platforms and long sales cycles.”

Brand awareness isn’t everything
Although enhancing a company’s brand awareness is important for any B2B firm, this should not be the ultimate goal, according to the writer. Instead, organizations are encouraged to use social media channels to get companies involved, whether this includes subscribing to a newsletter or watching a product video.

Organizations that focus too heavily on brand awareness may experience shorter sales cycles, Hostelley added.

B2B social media marketing takes time to succeed, so businesses must stay the course.

“But over time, you’ll create a targeted, engaged and responsive social audience that will consistently generate quality leads for your sales team,” Hostelley suggested.

One of the hardest aspects of B2B marketing is measuring success. Thanks to innovative tools like marketing automation software, firms can achieve just that. The solution helps companies track potential client interaction and ensure a clear return on investment is achieved. This data can also be exported for further analysis so businesses can tweak their campaigns if needed.