B2B marketing automation revenue to total $750 million in 2013

The popularity of marketing automation tools appears to be growing as more B2B marketers realize the advantages of making their campaigns more effective and targeted. A recent report by Raab Associates predicted that revenue from these systems will expand 50 percent in 2013, reaching profits of $750 million.

The firm explained that although the increase from 2011 to 2012, which was 54 percent, is higher than this year’s growth, the amount of revenue is much greater, with 2013 levels expanding $250 million from last year.

David Raab, author of the B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST), explained the significance and challenges of the findings as a whole.

“B2B marketing automation continues to grow at a very healthy pace,” said Raab. “But some of the larger firms are reporting a lower growth rate, and, unlike previous years, we haven’t seen enough growth by industry challengers to raise the industry total.”

The benefits of marketing automation tools

A MarketingProfs.com report by Sid Smith explained how B2B marketers can leverage automation tools to their advantage. The writer noted that companies considering adopting such solutions should approach the situation like someone who goes on a long vacation. The key is to plan ahead to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Generating leads is another crucial aspect of B2B marketing strategies, according to Smith. Firms should pay close attention to their clients’ buying habits in order to produce more personalized campaigns. Once this step is finished, companies should devise an editorial calendar, which can include a two- or three-month plan to measure the success of the campaign and determine a return on investment.

B2B marketers may not have it so easy when it comes to reaching out to other companies, but automation tools and the right planning can make all of the difference in the long run.

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