B2B marketers struggling to measure content success

B2B marketers face many challenges measuring the success of their campaigns, but lack of resources may be the biggest issue when it comes to content marketing. Curata polled more than 450 marketing professionals in October and found that more than 80 percent of respondents cited content as their most important objective.

The survey also found that 57 percent of participants use content marketing as part of their campaigns, but 43 percent cannot quantify the success of such outreach. Another 43 percent said their firms do not try to determine this measurement whatsoever.

Other industry research has pointed to the importance of content marketing among B2B marketers. CMI recently found that more than 90 percent of companies polled currently use content marketing as a key aspect of their campaigns, while firms are spending 33 percent of their budgets toward this channel.

B2B marketers struggling with their outreach can adopt innovative solutions to help in this area. Industry experts encourage businesses to adopt cost-effective systems like marketing automation software to measure how effective campaigns are so firms can make any necessary changes.