B2B marketers shouldn’t be afraid to switch it up

B2B marketers searching for ways to improve their campaigns this year can use several approaches to give more life to their marketing efforts. Business 2 Community’s Rob Fisher recently highlighted some of these tips, including the importance of being consistent with a message across all platforms.

The writer explained that B2B marketers should determine what they want to say to their audiences and make sure this message is conveyed in the same way throughout ever channel. Firms should also cross-reference their other works. For example, an organization can convert a press release into a blog post or share stories through Facebook and Twitter, he suggested.

Social media is one of the most popular marketing platforms and should be embraced by B2B marketers. According to Fisher, firms that do not have a presence in this channel are missing out on a golden opportunity to connect with their audiences.

Although many marketing campaigns center around communicating with other businesses, Fisher indicated that companies that can establish themselves as industry leaders by staying updated on the latest industry trends can improve their success even more.

Once a relationship has been established with audience members, B2B marketers should engage these firms, according to Fisher.

“Ask questions, encourage customers to share their experiences and solicit feedback. Furthermore, respond to each response and encourage conversation,” Fisher suggested.

B2B marketers can use a number of marketing channels to their advantage, including social media, email, video, websites and blogs. Although having a voice across multiple platforms can help firms expand their reach, it can be difficult to manage all of these campaigns at once. Industry professionals encourage companies to use marketing automation tools to have a better grasp on their efforts.