B2B Marketers Should Focus More on Loyalty

B2B marketers cannot rely on just one campaign to reach their target audiences because clients, just like businesses, are engaged in many channels like social media, email and mobile platforms. Business 2 Community’s Matt Ford recently suggested that firms focus on clients by tapping into their loyalty.

The writer explained that too many B2B marketers place emphasis on their lead generation, target numbers and key performance indicators and fail to pay attention to other aspects of their campaigns. Instead, firms should spend more time on the well-being of their audiences. One way to achieve this is through improved account management.

“Within the walls of a well-run company, there should be a team that is in charge of the whole lead generation operation,” Ford wrote. “They should [administer] the campaign in understanding their target markets and with what is currently going on within the account. Such a team will also facilitate the sales and marketing personnel to properly deliver the message regarding the company’s products and/or services.”

Another way B2B marketers can gain loyalty is through gamification, which encourages clients to participate in special events and competitions, with winners receiving prizes in the end, Ford added.

Marketing automation makes all the difference

B2B marketers looking for ways to improve their campaigns should also consider marketing automation tools to ensure current and future success. With these solutions, firms can identify what type of outreach is working and what needs to be changed. A recent survey conducted by sales and marketing publication Demand Gen Report and Act-On Software found that the number of companies unhappy with their B2B purchasing experience in 2012 increased more than 50 percent from last year.

Atri Chatterje, Act-On Software CMO, said that marketing automation can help B2B marketers improve the buying experience for their clients. These tools allow businesses to implement “complex, long-term lead nurturing campaigns.” Also, automation helps organizations segment their different audiences so messages are created that strike a chord with certain prospects.

B2B marketers that cannot reach their audiences effectively may not be in business much longer if they continue to let potential clients slip through their fingers. Automation tools, along with clear goals, can make all the difference in helps companies reach other organizations.