B2B marketers need clear plan for 2013 campaigns

B2B marketers do not have it easy trying to reach other companies while maintaining corporate growth. Businesses can make it easier on themselves with tools like marketing automation software, but firms also need to have a clear sense of their campaigns to be successful. Lisa Shepherd, an author and president of the Mezzanine Group, recently highlighted some ways B2B marketers can get the ball rolling in 2013.

Shepherd suggested that B2B marketers must determine what their markets are and their target audiences. These decisions are what defines a firm’s campaign.

The writer also added that the funnel analogy may be old, but it still serves a major purpose in the B2B marketing landscape.

“Marketing is all of the stuff that happens to get things into the funnel. So it’s above the funnel, if you will, or at the top of the funnel,” Shepherd wrote. “All those lead generation activities, going to trade shows, doing pay per click, sending out direct mail, whatever the tactics are, it’s all of that activity that gets leads into the sales process.”

The final aspect of an effective B2B marketing campaign is ongoing activities that support the funnel. This can include corporate branding and outreach that builds more relationships to improve client retention, according to Shepherd.

Content crucial to B2B marketing success

Next year will be make or break for many B2B marketers and content is expected to play a significant role. B2B Marketing’s Erica Bell recently explained that content marketing is so crucial because it helps firms establish themselves as industry leaders while also providing clients valuable information to help their businesses.

B2B Marketing conducted its own survey and found that more than 50 percent of B2B marketers believe content is most effective for generating leads. Nearly 40 percent of respondents said this type of outreach is ideal for boosting brand awareness, 34 percent cited thought leadership and 29 percent said sales.

Bell encouraged B2B marketers to pay close attention to what she refers to as the three C’s: capture, creative and consistent. Firms that can follow each of these steps by producing unique content on a consistent basis will find success in reaching their target audiences.

B2B marketers may not have it as easy as B2C companies, but there are tools and approaches than can make a big difference.