Ask the right questions to get your cloud answers

With so much news coverage and hype, the cloud is now everywhere you look. Not only in daily use, although it certainly is in this regard, but also in talk. Among both allies and competitors, there is no doubt that your company hears a great deal about the possibilities the technology presents. But what ought you to do if you haven’t made the move to the cloud? It’s best, as you might expect, to choose a partner who has experience in this regard and can offer you the right advice.

Finding the ideal mate
But what ought you to do to find the right partner? After all, you need a partner because you don’t know enough about the subject yourself. But, much as in the world of romance and dating, you can find the right partner by seeking out answers on questions that ought to be of mutual interest. In dating, these are shared passions and philosophy on subjects central to your life – and in business, it’s not much difference.

Of course, the passions themselves will certainly be different, and many have suggestions about what these interests should be. One of the most important is security, as Computer Weekly notes. Make sure they understand certain compliance requirements with regard to security, such as PCI-DSS or GAAP, and find out how they work in response to them. If this is an area they work in and must pay attention to, but still don’t have an answer, that may be a warning sign.

There is a reason that you must be suspicious, though – with the cloud growing so fast, a huge number of operations have popped up all around the nation in response to the trend. No doubt the cloud itself is a wonderful tool and innovation that can help nearly any business, but there is also no doubt that not ever cloud partner is made equal. It’s best that you choose the right one.

For your company, that right one may be BMI Cloud Solutions. With years of experience in the field and the expertise that brings, we’ve grown into experts on making sure we choose the right solution for your particular circumstances. And with award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir, we can make sure your business gets to the next level.