As regulations grow, partners in the cloud are necessary

Companies that move to the cloud will always stand to gain something. There’s hardly any sector that doesn’t stand to gain from the cloud, nor any firm from a single person operation all the way up to mammoth entities like Walmart or McDonald’s. But whether looking into cloud financial software or a similar option, companies do need to make sure that they are utilizing the cloud in a manner specific to the requirements of their existence, whether regulatory or otherwise.

Legal firms, for instance, face a particular set of circumstances in the cloud, according to Cloud Computing News. It’s not that the process isn’t a simple one – in fact, it’s no more difficult than the process is for any other operation. But since law firms are often in control of certain sensitive personal and legal operation, there are several unique factors they must consider.

Many different areas have standards in place about “due diligence,” though, with New York City’s Bar Association laying out rules that mandate certain practices and standards. Attorneys and their firms must be the owners of the information, and they must have encryption and other stipulations in their cloud contracts in order to ensure the safety of all data.

In fact, more bar associations around the nation are necessitating such choices, and it’s easy to stay in compliance by partnering with an experienced firm. BMI Cloud Solutions can help you to make sure you’re doing everything you need to and more to stay in compliance with all regulations and keep your data safe. With award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir, your operation can get to the next level and beyond by boosting productivity and embracing flexibility.