As IT slows, cloud grows

Many companies look at their current systems and think that it would be too much work to make the changes necessary to move to the cloud. Even despite the many advantages that are brought by embracing tools such as cloud-based MRP and email marketing automation systems, a few companies are still loathe to make the move.

But new, interesting statistics about the growth of IT in the next few years show that, while cloud computing may require a change in the short-term, moving forward it helps to create flexibility and savings that should be of great interest to all companies.

Slowing in IT, growing in the cloud
A large number of studies have previously confirmed the massive growth expected of all cloud technologies in the coming years and decade, and some have shown the growing slice of the IT pie the cloud will now consume. One study now shows that IT in general, though, may be set to slow down in the coming years, because of the cost savings that the cloud will enable.

Barclay’s 2014 global technology outlook has been released, and it says that information technology hardware and software suppliers may be in serious trouble in the coming years, according to Investors Business Daily. The study believes the cloud will have what it calls a “deflationary impact,” and that a single dollar spent on cloud infrastructure means that markets in other areas will go down by several more dollars. The change should last at least through 2014 and 2015, according to the source.

Good news for the cloud
The study says that the cloud allows for “significant efficiencies” for businesses, which, in general, will lead to an easier style of work and a more streamlined process. It’s bad news, perhaps, for purveyors of old technology – but companies should see in the forecast the potential for savings through cloud utilization.

If your company has hesitated to this point to embrace the cloud because of fear of cost – or, indeed, any other reason – consider using BMI Cloud Solutions as a partner and we can show you the best ways to save in both the short-term and the long-term. The cloud has something to offer everyone, and we’re ready to help you set up the optimal arrangement with award-winning tools such as Kenesto and OpenAir.