As enterprise moves to the cloud, a personal consideration

If you’re a company that has yet to truly adopt cloud technology, it’s hard not to look around and notice other companies – likely even competitors – utilizing all that the technology has to offer. There is no doubt that there are very valid reasons to hesitate – after all, a reckless implementation could lead to more problems than solutions. Yet among those who have waited until recently to fully embrace the cloud, there are many testimonials that attest to its usefulness.

A lifestyle choice
Yvette Adams, director of The Creative Collection, recounted a story where she was recently speaking to a friend who was interested in taking her own business to the cloud, according to The Sunshine Daily Coast. Adams told the story of how she had decided to move her own there – at the time, it wasn’t a decision based upon servers or driven by cost. Instead, it was one that was determined by her life’s circumstances.

She was raising two young children while also trying to start a business, and as such needed to be able to get online anytime and anywhere, due to the odd occasions that her children would create. It was a move that has paid off greatly, she told her friend – not only has she built her business around it, but she has built her family around it as well.

Moving ahead
In looking back at 2013, many are making bold claims about how this was the year of the cloud – the year that “enterprise ascends to the cloud,” according to technology expert Michael Singer, for one. And it’s true – there are many ways the source points to that the cloud only got bigger in the past year. Yet it’s clearly not a phenomenon that is done growing, and 2014 is another opportunity to adopt the technology. You may not have a close friend whose business has become cloud-based, but a trusted advising partner to discuss possibilities with is just as useful.

BMI Cloud Solutions can be that partner. With years of experience in the cloud leading to a substantial knowledge of all the options and a variety of setups, as well as award-winning tools such as Kenesto and Pardot, BMI is ready to help you optimize your efforts in 2014 by taking full advantage of all that the cloud has to offer.