Analyst calls 2013 the year government embraced the cloud

There is abundant data about the rapid rise of companies adopting the cloud at this point, as survey after survey finds a huge uptake in the area. It’s obvious why – the cloud offers both cost savings and greater agility to companies in all disciplines, whether through time tracking or billing software or one of its many other options. There remain, though, many businesses and individuals who are worried about the security within in the cloud, and it’s most certainly a valid concern – yet there are plenty of signs that a cloud adoption, done right, is a very safe choice.

Looking to the experts
One sign that those who are worried can look to is the increasing uptake of the cloud by governmental agencies. There is, by necessity, a huge tendency toward greater precaution among government agencies – they are in control of huge amounts of personal data that could be used for malicious purposes if any sort of security or data breach occurs. As such, they need to take every measure to make sure they are not using risky methods. This led, in the early years of the cloud, to slow uptake in the area. Now, though, both local and federal operations are taking advantage of the cloud and some experts think that 2014 is set to be a big year for changes in this area.

Already moving fast
In the Washington Post, Alex Rossino, a principal research analyst at Deltek, says that this past year will be remembered in computing history as the one in which government contractors adopted the technology in earnest and put their fears behind them. Between October 2012 and September 2013, he notes, more than $17 billion in cloud computing-related contracts were awarded  by federal agencies alone. The past few years had seen operations dipping their toes in the water, as it were, trying to move only small pieces of less essential areas to the cloud to see how the move would go. Now, though, it’s clear that they are ready to move entirely.

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