Agility allows companies to adapt to the future

One of the most important parts of any business endeavor is predicting what is coming next. Staying one step ahead of future conditions and competitors ensures that your company will live to fight another day in the marketplace, and those who have great foresight often turn into the most famous businessmen, from Bill Gates to Warren Buffet. The reason so many companies fail, though, is because it is so hard to make these predictions – consider famous author Nassim Nicholas Taleb and his observations on “black swans” and the impact of unpredictable events. But the cloud, with its array of services from B2B marketing automation software systems to client billing software, can help to “future proof” your company, in the eyes of one analyst.

Greater agility means better work
How does it work? It focuses on one key component of the cloud which so many cite as a driver of their adoption – agility, according to The Guardian. Agility encompasses the many other aspects that so many people recommend the cloud for, from pricing models that allow for greater freedom to simple work flexibility. Companies can adapt and quickly due to the agility and lightweight nature of the operation.

Netflix is often cited as a perfect example of this agility, as the source notes. The company, one of the most legendary disrupters in history, now has its success often viewed as a foregone conclusion by many analysts – of course, people think, the VHS and DVD rental market was going the way of the dinosaur. But it hardly was at the time, and in many respects Netflix could have failed with its initial model. But instead it adopted, not just with offerings through the cloud, the source notes, but by changing its very use of the technology.

This sort of quick changes in response to an evolving business condition is exactly what agility is about, and exactly what many companies seek from the cloud. If you get bogged down in long-term contracts with big commitments in areas such as conventional infrastructure, you put your future at risk. But agility allows you to adapt.

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