As enterprise moves to the cloud, a personal consideration

If you’re a company that has yet to truly adopt cloud technology, it’s hard not to look around and notice other companies – likely even competitors – utilizing all that the technology has to offer. There is no doubt that there are very valid reasons to hesitate – after all, a reckless implementation could lead to more problems than solutions. Yet among those who have waited until recently to fully embrace the cloud, there are many testimonials that attest to its usefulness.

A lifestyle choice
Yvette Adams, director of The Creative Collection, recounted a story where she was recently speaking to a friend who was interested in taking her own business to the cloud, according to The Sunshine Daily Coast. Adams told the story of how she had decided to move her own there – at the time, it wasn’t a decision based upon servers or driven by cost. Instead, it was one that was determined by her life’s circumstances.

She was raising two young children while also trying to start a business, and as such needed to be able to get online anytime and anywhere, due to the odd occasions that her children would create. It was a move that has paid off greatly, she told her friend – not only has she built her business around it, but she has built her family around it as well.

Moving ahead
In looking back at 2013, many are making bold claims about how this was the year of the cloud – the year that “enterprise ascends to the cloud,” according to technology expert Michael Singer, for one. And it’s true – there are many ways the source points to that the cloud only got bigger in the past year. Yet it’s clearly not a phenomenon that is done growing, and 2014 is another opportunity to adopt the technology. You may not have a close friend whose business has become cloud-based, but a trusted advising partner to discuss possibilities with is just as useful.

BMI Cloud Solutions can be that partner. With years of experience in the cloud leading to a substantial knowledge of all the options and a variety of setups, as well as award-winning tools such as Kenesto and Pardot, BMI is ready to help you optimize your efforts in 2014 by taking full advantage of all that the cloud has to offer.

Analyst calls 2013 the year government embraced the cloud

There is abundant data about the rapid rise of companies adopting the cloud at this point, as survey after survey finds a huge uptake in the area. It’s obvious why – the cloud offers both cost savings and greater agility to companies in all disciplines, whether through time tracking or billing software or one of its many other options. There remain, though, many businesses and individuals who are worried about the security within in the cloud, and it’s most certainly a valid concern – yet there are plenty of signs that a cloud adoption, done right, is a very safe choice.

Looking to the experts
One sign that those who are worried can look to is the increasing uptake of the cloud by governmental agencies. There is, by necessity, a huge tendency toward greater precaution among government agencies – they are in control of huge amounts of personal data that could be used for malicious purposes if any sort of security or data breach occurs. As such, they need to take every measure to make sure they are not using risky methods. This led, in the early years of the cloud, to slow uptake in the area. Now, though, both local and federal operations are taking advantage of the cloud and some experts think that 2014 is set to be a big year for changes in this area.

Already moving fast
In the Washington Post, Alex Rossino, a principal research analyst at Deltek, says that this past year will be remembered in computing history as the one in which government contractors adopted the technology in earnest and put their fears behind them. Between October 2012 and September 2013, he notes, more than $17 billion in cloud computing-related contracts were awarded  by federal agencies alone. The past few years had seen operations dipping their toes in the water, as it were, trying to move only small pieces of less essential areas to the cloud to see how the move would go. Now, though, it’s clear that they are ready to move entirely.

If 2013 wasn’t the year your company learned to love the cloud, perhaps 2014 can be. A trusted partner is an essential part of any move into the cloud, and BMI Cloud Solutions is ready to help you determine the optimal path to take, using programs such as Kenesto and Pardot, in order to optimize your operation.

Looking for a partner in moving to the cloud

When it comes to the cloud, how can you decide on what to do? It’s a difficult question, and one that many businesses both large and small ask themselves. No doubt there are many advantages to be gained by embracing options such as B2Bemail marketing software, but it’s hard to know just where to begin if you have not yet. The temptation may be to try to take it on yourself, but this can often be dangerous – instead, look for an operation with certain characteristics.

Making the choice
Even if you’re a larger business with an IT department, there can be difficulties in choosing the answer, according to Talking Cloud. The source points to a recent survey from SailPoint that finds the difficulties of IT in figuring out the proper levels of security and oversight in any cloud deployment, and, with the technology growing at such a quick pace at the current moment, that is not likely to go away soon. Jackie Gilbert, founder and chief managing officer of SailPoint, said that companies are adjusting as quickly as possible.

“But, as our survey indicates, enterprises are still ‘catching up’ to the required levels of oversight and control they need,” Gilbert said. “With our survey finding that as many as 59 percent of mission-critical applications will be stored in the cloud by 2016, the need for better management of cloud and mobile access is only going to rise.”

Looking for help – the right help
Do not try to take on the whole thing yourself, as your IT department may not feel up to the task – if, indeed, you are a business large enough to have a dedicated IT department. Instead, try to find a trusted partner in the process – several common sense factors are important. Ensure that it is a company small enough to be dedicated to your particular case while experienced enough to have extensive expertise in the field.

BMI Cloud Solutions is ready to help you take your operation to the cloud and offer its own advice on the proper amount of oversight and security to ensure that your data remains safe. With award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir, BMI is enthusiastic about helping businesses make the move to the best technology of today.

Logistics looks to the cloud in 2014

The cloud has applications in any field, with its incredible array of tools from marketing automation to client billing software. Too often, though, companies from many sectors do not realize the huge benefits they stand to gain if they utilize the technology, instead thinking of it merely as a data storage tool. In fact, one industry that lurks behind the scenes in many ways may be making big changes in the coming year with regards to the cloud.

Moving products
Logistics is often an overlooked industry, one that operates almost literally behind the scenes. In moving products point to point all around the nation, logistics manages to have a hugely important role in the national economy while very rarely popping up on people’s radar. Trucks and planes and ships move freight quickly, but, like a weatherman, the less they are noticed or discussed, the better they are doing their job.

The supply chain industry has adopted much technology in recent years to continually improve upon its performance, and in the coming year some analysts think that the cloud will be the biggest change the sector sees. There are a variety of ways the cloud could alter logistics, but the one that will most drive uptake, in Freightgate’s view, is the opportunity for embedded analytics. Many companies have inter-departmental steering groups that are looking for better analysts to continually increase efficiency. Better analytics achieved through the cloud can help shippers and carriers determine what areas need most attention and the most important areas of the supply chain to focus on.

Diverse uses
It’s not the only way the cloud will continue to enable the industry. Big data will increasingly be used, according to Freightgate, powered by the technology. It’s clear that, as in so many other industries, those in transportation and shipping who wish to stay on top will have to adopt the latest cutting edge technology.

No matter your industry, if you’re interested exploring further use of the cloud, it’s best to do so with the help of a trusted partner. With the years of experience necessary to gain true expertise in these sorts of technology implementations, BMI Cloud Solutions is ready to help you explore the best answers for your company in 2014. With award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir, BMI can help you right away.

Final predictions for 2014

There are some final predictions still trickling out as the first days of 2014 quickly approach, and, with so many different areas of the cloud to cover, the prognostication touches on topics in a variety of different areas and sectors. Some are quantitative while others are qualitative, but they all offer guesses about where the cloud – be it in time tracking or project management software – could be headed in the coming months.

Government set to grow
MarketsandMarkets recently released a survey estimating the potential growth of the cloud within government sectors over the coming year, and its guesses were very high. In total, the research firm predicted that the government cloud market would be worth just a shade under $18.5 billion by 2018. At this point, the market is estimated to be worth less than $3 billion in 2013. The movement, therefore, would constitute a compound annual growth rate of more than 45 percent.

The increase would be fueled by global adoption, with regions of North America expected to remain the preeminent users of the cloud, but in total Asia Pacific is expected to become the biggest total region within six years.

Predictions from experts
The predictions are not all quantitative, though. David Williams, vice president of sales and marketing at Schaumburg Comcast, told the Daily Herald that the fast growing appetite for all things streaming will only continue to boost the cloud to new heights.

“All of your content will be stored in the cloud, making it accessible anytime from any device,” he said, according to the source. “But to access your content in the cloud, you have to have the fastest Internet speeds available – at home and on the go. Initiatives to provide high-speed access to the cloud on the go will continue in 2014 and allow Comcast to do things like expand the number of TV channels customers can watch live on their tablets and smartphones, as well as make it even easier to stream recorded and On Demand movies, TV shows and other content on their tablets and smartphones.”

In all areas, the cloud is growing fast – if your company wants to look into boosting its cloud presence, it needs to be sure it has the right partner. BMI Cloud Solutions is ready to help you decide what is best for you, optimizing your operation with tools such as NetSuite and Kenesto.

Cloud enables wider access for schools

The cloud has done great work in helping businesses of all stripes to improve their operations, and the tools that are offered through the latest technology can apply to almost any area. From client billing software to time tracking efforts, there is something for everyone within the massive set of offerings people group under the banner. Now, as the technology becomes cheaper and cheaper, many public entities are doing their best to take advantage of new deployments, helping to spread opportunity and save money in the process.

A cloud gathers over the school
Many students young or old may hate the sight of a cloud at school – when rain is on the way, it brings the threat of canceled recess or a sports practice held inside. But when it comes to the technological version, the cloud is only making things better for many young people.

In White Plains, N.Y., for instance, Archbishop Stepinac High School has taken its operations to the cloud for the greater flexibility and agility it provides not only teacher and staff, but students as well. While the lack of physical infrastructure and the greater space savings it provides is a consideration for many businesses, the lightweight nature of the cloud is never as literally felt as by a student, as sophomore Brandon Cabaleiro noted of his much lightened backpack now that all textbooks are available online.

“The last couple of years, this would have been like 30 pounds,” Cabaleiro told the source.

An easier commute
Of course, it wasn’t only to take the load off of a student’s back – many teachers are undoubtedly content to burden the students with whatever materials necessary to improve their learning experience. Instead, it’s

“We went to digital because it makes for better learning,” says Frank Portanova, vice principal at Stepinac. “This is the way kids learn today. And the online content is a lot richer. You’ve got assessments, you’ve got virtual labs, you’ve got blogging.”

The cloud allows schools better and more widespread access, as education expert Matthew Lynch notes, but it’s not as if the opportunities are restricted to schools. No matter your operation, you should take the opportunity in the coming year to look into an expanded cloud presence. With award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir, BMI Cloud Solutions can be just the partner to help you look into all of your options.

The lessons from the past apply to the cloud

The cloud offers a variety of important tools for businesses in almost any sector – from time tracking to client billing software, there is something for everyone. Companies are taking up the technology at a quick rate, and in many ways, it resembles the early days of personal computing and the impact it had on business. In looking back, some analysts note that there is much to be learned from the history of the changes.

Computing and its discontents
Hard as it may be for the younger people of the workforce to believe, it hasn’t been all that long since the days preceding the internet – and even since a computer at every desk. Yet with the advent of those technologies, companies were forced to adopt these products and evolve quickly, otherwise competitors would take the upper hand on them in productivity, as DesignNews notes.

The rise of the PC – and the power it brought with it – completely changed the face of everyday life in business. Companies began by having large mainframes, but as people realized the incredible utility of these smaller computers, workers pushed for it, and businesses quickly adopted it.

Now, the cloud has taken a similar role. Only a few years ago, companies were hesitant to truly and widely adopt the technology. In most cases, only its status as a data storage option was considered, and people hardly explored the many other options it offered. But now, it’s becoming clear that there are any number of ways to capitalize on the technology.

It’s important to get in at this point, as DesignNews notes – the cloud is hardly fully at its peak, as the history of business and computing shows. It will continue to evolve and progress, and those who best take advantage of the options it brings will likely be able to achieve success that others can not.

If you’re looking to explore moving to the cloud – or even just moving more of your operations there – BMI Cloud Solutions can be a valuable partner in the process. With so many different options to choose from, it’s best to make sure you’re working with a partner who has the years of experience to guide you. With award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir, BMI can be that company.

From mystery to mainstream for the cloud

With the year winding up, there has been plenty of focus on the future prospects of the cloud in 2014. From predictions about the growth of specific areas such as time tracking and client billing software to ongoing debates about which sort of cloud to use, there have been a huge amount of claims to go around. One recent article sees an analyst offering his own prognostication, and even though it’s certainly lacking in any boldness, it may be the most important one that is being made.

Growing in use
There are countless reports about people being surveyed on their use of the cloud. Individuals – even those who are heavily involved in businesses – often have no clue that they are deeply involved in its use. Every day, there are countless cloud activities that people participate in without any knowledge, thinking they have yet to actually partake in the use of the mysterious cloud.

In the coming year, though, it’s going to become clear to everyone that the cloud is no longer some strange and hard-to-comprehend technology of the future, but in fact an essential part of modern life, according to Forbes. The cloud will no longer be some fancy innovation, it will merely become mainstream.

It’s simply a matter of near fact already – startups and new companies almost never operate in old models and simply ship anything they need you to get through the cloud. Long gone are the days of AOL installation disks, for instance.

Good for any job
There are, no doubt, ways that the cloud is constantly used that will still dazzle people who don’t understand its applications. Google, for instance, will soon be running protein analysis through the cloud on thousands of simulations at once, according to Ars Technica. Computerized work on proteins is incredibly complicated, but with the cloud it is set to be revolutionized in short order.

Too often, though, this is the sort of thing that people think the cloud is made for, and don’t realize it’s almost universal applicability on nearly any task in business. If your company is looking to explore the many ways it can embrace the cloud, consider BMI Cloud Solutions. With award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir, we can make sure you’re doing the best work you can with what you’ve got.

Considering the best cloud options

There are any number of reasons to move into the cloud, from time tracking to client billing software – but often, companies don’t know just how to do so. There are many different models of cloud use, and the hybrid one has been getting a great deal of attention in recent years. But though it can be the optimal solution for some, one expert warns that a sub-optimal hybrid adoption brings with it many problems – and that companies should be sure they are working with a trusted partner when they make their decision.

Best of both worlds?
On first glance, many companies think that the hybrid model is the way to go. By allowing what they want to be moved to the cloud while also retaining a good deal of on-site infrastructure, it not only allows for more time to move the rest, but also does not entail a full and massive commitment to the new technology. There is no doubt that this is a very good decision for many companies, and those who would benefit most from the hybrid should most certainly stick with it, as No Jitter notes. But too often, many companies simply choose the model out of uncertainty, and forget that while the hybrid can offer the best of both worlds, it can offer the worst, too.

Cloud expert Tom Brannen worries that the cost structures of both forms of data storage – on-premise and cloud – can combine into an awkward mixture. The capital expenses and the recurring costs together can make for the payment structure to be unwieldy and confusing, and often difficult to contend with. There is no doubt that companies can indeed work with it, but in many regards businesses moving to the cloud are doing so for reasons directly related to payment. If they are looking to minimize capital expenditures, for instance, then a stronger adoption may be needed.

Yet there is no doubt that there are those who would benefit most from a hybrid cloud. What is important is to work with a company that has the expertise and years of experience to help you decide what is best for you – and BMI Cloud Solutions can be that company. With award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir, we’re ready to help you make your business the best it can be in 2014.

Cloud looks to new markets and new sectors

Here in America, the cloud has become a vital part of everyday life, in areas ranging from time tracking to project management software. Adoption rates are continuing to pick up, and will see much growth in 2014 – not just on these shores, but around the world as well.

Foreign markets show promise
In China, for instance, there is much anticipation about the growing competition for the huge market. There are already a great deal of businesses in China who work with – or offer – cloud services, but it does not yet rival the American markets in terms of capitalization. That will be changing soon enough – more and more companies are moving to the country to work with local firms, according to GigaOM.

It takes a great deal of work with local authorities and providers, but in most cases, this is worth it not only for the firms moving there but for the businesses who are adapting the services. The productivity spikes it offers are invaluable, and cannot be missed by these companies.

Insurance takes up the mantle
It’s not just different countries that will increase their cloud presence in the next year, as more and more firms in less conventional areas will be there as well. In insurance, for instance, many companies are just now seeing the light in cloud services, but others have been there for a long time, according to Insurance & Technology. Jim Klinck, chief security officer and business program delivery manager for ProSight Specialty Insurance, says that there are countless ways an insurance company can improve with the cloud.

“It enables the CIO and IT leadership to repurpose spending into more valuable work and changing the cost dynamic,” he says. “There’s plenty of things that are more aligned with the business than maintenance — things like big data and analytics — that you can work on now.”

If your company is looking to explore how your services can be improved upon by utilizing new technology, consider BMI Cloud Services as a partner for your move. With award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir, as well as the expertise that years of experience in the industry bring, BMI can help you to determine the optimal setup for your firm to reach its greatest potential.