How it works

BMI support ensures that your solution functions as expected and provides tangible benefits for your business or organization. We have different types of support plans, and we are always available to you when the unexpected happens.

Support for NetSuite and CEDAR LRM is provided on a contractual or ad hoc basis. The total number of hours depends upon each client’s projected support activity over a 12-month period. Additional blocks of 40 hours may be added at any time. Ad hoc support is also available for emergency requirements.

NetSuite Phone/Email/Web
& On-Site Support

NetSuite Phone/Email/Web and on-site support for a quick response to everyday NetSuite questions.

NetSuite Administration

NetSuite administration provides an expert to help you manage the system temporarily, or if you prefer, permanently. Our system administrators can assume those duties for a short time as you onboard new staff; they can handle specific aspects of the job that you prefer to outsource; or you can outsource the entire task of system administration to us. We work with you to define specific tasks, and set a schedule that will meet your needs and budget.

NetSuite Training

NetSuite training equips you and your team to get the most out of your system. We can help you review how you currently use NetSuite to discover capabilities perhaps you have yet to maximize. Then, we train you and your staff to put those to work for you.