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ERP for Manufacturers

NetSuite product and services tailored for the unique requirements of manufacturers

NetSuite Optimization

Make better decisions in real time with NetSuite

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ERP Visualization

Increased visibility of customers, prospects, and leads

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Lead Record Management

Identify, distribute and process leads efficiently and effectively

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ERP Engineering Integration

Transfer data between ANY system seamlessly

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Field Service

24-hour real time access from any location

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We refine our products and services through the development of industry specific practices

  • Experienced staff with industry specific resources who have successfully overcome the functional challenges customers in that industry face
  • Streamlined departmental and cross departmental processes through our modified products and services that address industry specific issues
  • Heavily invested in tailoring our implementation, training, and ongoing operational support services to the requirements of that industry

Our industry specific practice templates dramatically reduce the time and cost of implementation and customization services.


BMI’s Functional Practices

BMI Cloud Solutions can transform your business systems into an engine for growth and success.

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